Sunday, September 17, 2017

Prayer List

Its' time for me to do another Prayer List because I haven't done one for many year's.

* mean's they need more prayer

  • Richard Dawkin's********* (hes' right about Muslim's bbut wrong about evrything else) 
  • Barrack Obama 
  • The Clinton's (especially "CROOKED HILLARY"
  • The "RESISTANCE" which is all just Trump Hater's who don't want to Make America Great Again! 
  • Mishelle Obama 
  • Fake News Media, especially C.N.N., the Amazon Washington Post and the "FAILING NEW YORK TIME'S" 
  • Great Britian
  • Athiest's 
  • Goofy Elizabeth Warren or "Pocahantus" 
  • Cryin' Chuck Shumer 
  • Canadian's 
  • Trumps' Leaker's 
  • Satanist's 
  • Muslim's 
  • Homosexual's (Gay's) 
  • Transgender's 
  • Porn Actor's 
  • John Mccain (doesn't support our Great President!!!!!) 
  • "Black Live's Matter"
  • "Antifa's"
  • Illegal's 
  • The Kardashian's/Jenner's 
  • Sceintists that say "GLOBAL WARMING" is real. The "President" is right and say's its' a hoax by China. Hes' right! 
  • North Korea
  • China 
  • Secular musician's especially Beyonce who supports BLM!!!!!!
  • Evan MacMullin - say's hes' a Republican but DOESN'T SUPPORT TRUMP!!!!!!!!
  • Tumblr User's 
I was going to put Jill Stine on here but she helped make "TRUMP" president so she did a good thing. Go Jill! 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

I'm back!

Lot's of things have happend since I last blogged here. The first thing is really good. We elected "DONALD TRUMP"! I have liked Trump since he said BARRACK OBAMA was born in “Kenya.”  I voted for Trump in the primarys, but it was a hard choice between him and Cruise until I found out what a LIER Lyin’ Ted Cruise was! So I voted “TRUMP”.

Trump is a good presidant and people need to stop protesting. The FAKE NEWS media like’s to say that Trump is a bad leader. This is false. Just read Brightbart, the N.Y. Post, InfoWars and WND—they know the truth! Everything else is fake news just like the “PRESIDENT” says. I think hes’ even better than Bush. For one he cares more about the boarder than G.W. Bush. Bush was weak about the boarder but Trump wants to build his “WALL.” Go TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make Amercia Great Again!

Trump is also apointing good Christian’s to his Cabinet and Supreame Court so I am glad I voted for him. My state went to CROOKED HILLARY but that didn’t stop Donald! Even though the FAKE NEWS say’s that Russian’s made Trump win. People talking abbout the Russian's hacking are just trying to make excuses for Hillarys’ loss. She was a terrible Candidate and the DNC rigged it for her. Crazy Bernie was cheated from the nominated. All this helped “Trump” which is good for the country!!!!!!!! GO TRUMP!!! #MAGA

Monday, November 12, 2012


They put "BARRACK OBAMA" back in office last week! And whats' worse, my STATE WENT TO OBAMA :( :( :( Even though hes' a Foriegn Citizen! He was born in Kenya, "Donald Trump" says so. They should retrac the Presidancy and give it to "Rommney"! And the Democrat's still have the Senate. At least the REPUBLICAN'S still have the House though. But all these Pro-"Gay" laws past and it is such a sad time for Amercia everyone is abandonning their "CONSERVATIVE VALUES" because of Liberal's like Obama brainwashing the Country. Apparantly it was Mexican's that put Obama back in office.

IMPEACH OBAMA!!!! WHY HAVENT THEY IMPEACHED HIM YET!!!!!!!!!!! I miss Bush and I wish Rommney was president :(

Sunday, October 24, 2010

All these ppl at my Collage are using MAC's. MAC suck's because there arn't any games for it. And you can get someone to build a good Window's PC for way less than what youd get with a MAC. I have window's 7 and its pretty good. before I had Vista. I liked Vista but I like Window's 7 more. I never had XP. I just had Window 98 which was stupid but then when I went to collage I got a new compy with vista. WINDOW'S ALL THE WAY! No MAC's! MAC's are so stupid becuause they look like toy's. Smiley face in the task bar?! Your not serious APPLE. I have to use MAC's in one of my classes and its so stupid. Stupid MAC cant do what I tell it to do. And I constantly hear those darn MAC's starting up in the library with that annoying sound. And MAC just doesnt get viruses because its not as common as window's. And people think there more secure...THERE NOT. Window's si more secure and IE is way more secure than Safari so all you MAC fanboys need to STFU!!!!!!! (And the F's for FREAK. I don't cuss.)


Not to mention that APPLE and there C.E.O. Steve Job support nonChristian cause's. "MicroSoft" is at least run by a Republican!

I'm a PC and Window's 7 was my idea!
The Election is coming up! I want to remind all my readers to vote "Republican" this election! Then we can turn the tide of all these Democrat's trying to push Socialized "Health Care," Same Sex Marraiges, and abortion's.

Right now Christine O' Donnel is my "hero." She got on TV and talked about how God had led her out of Witchcraft. Her powerful Testimony is beautiful and makes me wish I could vote for her. I don't live in Dellaware but if you do she'll be a great "Senator." I also want Meg Whitman and Carlie Foirina in CA to win, because that state is full of Unrepentant Homosexual's, Liberal's, and other God-haters.

If your not registered to vote yet, GO AND REGISTER; its important. And vote Republican !

God Bless,
Amy :)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

I do have some politic's stuff to write about too:

I am so happy with massachusets and Maine because Massachusets put a godly Republican in "office" and Maine voters voted to "PROTECT MARRIAGE"!!!!!! Its good to see New England people making the righteous choice for once after all this "gay" stuff.

Speaking of APPLE, I heard "President" Barrack "HUSSEIN" Obama uses MAC. I saw a Picture of Obama on an "APPLE Book Pro". All the more reason to boycott APPLE.

I really want republican's to win all the house and senate seats this upcoming election. I am tired of these "Democrat's" and their Socialized Healthcare plans. Something needs to be done about this!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know who I hate? APPLE INC. APPLE Inc is a very bad company. They make "McIntosh" (better known as MAC) computer's and I-Pod's and I-Phones and now this "I-Pad". I can not support APPLE for lot's of reasons. APPLE was against "PROP 8" which was about defending marraige. Also everyone's favorite Athiest Richard Dawkin's used MAC's to illistrate "evolution." I refuse to buy APPLE products ever. My computer is a DELL running WINDOW'S VISTA. I think WINDOWS VISTA is a great computer system I can use all the app's I want NO APPLE NEEDED. I dont know why people use MAC, it suck's.

Also I heard Dawkin's Forum fell appart! GOD has answered my prayer's because Dawkin's forum was a den of athiest plot's and community and they mock the almighty WORD OF GOD so its a good thing that the forum got shut down by the mod's. Maybe these dawkin's fans will stop comming on my blog and making spammy comment's. I KNOW ITS YOU DAWKIN'S FANS!!!!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dawkin's and Barak "HUSSEIN" Obama have something in "common"! They were both born in "Kenya"! Kenya is obviously the birth place of the godless people! Watch dawkin's try to run for president on the Democrat Parties' ticket! May the "Republican" win!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This is so true. This is exactly what Obama support's!
I'm back again! There's been a lot thats happened over the past year that I'm not happy about. Barrack "HUSSEIN" Obama is still in office even though he's "NOT" an American "Citizen"! He was BORN IN KENYA! He can not produce his birth certificate and he can not proove that he is a "citizen." There is a FORIEGN NATIONAL in OFFICE! This is ILLEGAL and UN-CONSTITUTIONAL! Obama must be "STOPPED"! I can not believe this and he needs to get IMPEATCHED. I joined some Tea Party Protest's against him because this is just too much. I miss "Bush" but he can not be president again, I wish "McCain" was elected. I want Sara Palin to run in 2012 because she's a Christian "woman" with good "family values".

Oh and Richard Dawkin's came out with a new book about "evilution" called The Greatest Show on Earth! Perfect title because Dawkin's decieves people for a living!